Add Charm To Your Bedroom

With a new season upon us, you may be wanting to spruce up your bedroom and add a little “newness” to your space. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom by adding some charm and elegance.


Your bedroom furniture is what makes the biggest impression on you – first thing in the morning and at the end of each day. You will want to add pieces to your bedroom that you will love seeing. Consider adding unique pieces that add character and charm to your personal space.

Canopy Beds

A modern style canopy bed can add simple beauty into your bedroom. Use a four-poster frame that is clean and matches your current finishes. A simple design allows you to dress up the bed as you please. Keep it clean for a masculine touch, or add a soft look by hanging gauzy panels.


Have an empty corner in your bedroom? You can consider adding a traditional style daybed and bring it to life with an elegant French countryside flair. Add lots of layered pillows and throws to bring out the character of your set.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate antique pieces throughout your modern decor. Adding a fun vintage trunk or even an antique dresser with a crisp bedding set can really pull together a beautiful theme. Antiques can give your bedroom personality and provide a conversation piece.



Sometimes, all a bed needs is a new bedding set. Brands these days carry an array of fabric options, allowing you a large variety of textures and patterns to fit any bedroom style or mood.

Silk Bedding

If you want to do something other than cotton, you can add a luxurious touch with some silk bedding. It is naturally hypoallergenic and provides less friction on your skin while you sleep. Silk is beautiful and really stands out in a bedding set.

Linen Bedding

If you want a more lived-in look, linen helps achieve that in a modern and classic way. Use neutral colors to create a layered look that’s simple and relaxed.

Cable Knit Bedding

Expanding beyond the typical sofa throw, cable knit blankets are soft enough to use as your coverlet and add the right amount of texture for your decorative shams. Cable knits are the perfect blend of practicality, elegance, and comfort.



Your bedroom furniture and bedding have a large role in making your master functional, but it is the little things that will really bring out the personality and charm. Consider the type of mood you want your bedroom to have and decorate to match that mood. Do you want a dark cozy room? Do you want a spa-like feel? Or do you prefer a beach theme? Whichever mood you want to go with, adding decorative pieces can bring it together.

Throws & Quilts

Piling up on extra blankets can be a great way to add decorative pieces throughout your bedroom that can also be functional. Quilts and silks add a cozy element to the room, where cotton can add a modern clean feel. Drape bed scarves over chairs to add a lived-in look.

Flowers & Candles

The aroma of fresh flowers or a scented candle can help you unwind and enjoy the quiet moments in your bedroom. Scents can elevate the mood, but they also help you relax. Find scents that aren’t too strong, can be enjoyed long term, and fit the decorative mood of your room.

Style Your Nightstand

Keep your nightstand free of cords and electronics. Clutter can bring a negative mindset. Your nightstand is often the first place you look at in the morning, so you want to keep the electronics and mess off of it. Add a stack of timeless books, an elegant tray, or a decorative piece of art. Only keep the necessities, like reading glasses, a glass of water, or your favorite book.

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