Trusting a Boutique Brokerage? Here’s why.

It should first be understood that when considering your choice in a Real Estate Brokerage, there are two types you may decide with. A franchise brokerage versus an independent brokerage. You might more easily recognize franchise brokerages by their brand, such as Keller Williams, Century 21, or RE/MAX. A broker can purchase the right to use the franchisee’s expertise, process and branding. An independent brokerage is operated as a separate business entity. Rights can not be purchased for an independent brokerage like you could a franchise. They are usually smaller in size, however have more local recognition and credibility. This is where our boutique brokerage fits in, as an independent brokerage.

So then, what is a Boutique Brokerage?

A Boutique Brokerage is similar to how you’d imagine a boutique shop or store would be; a smaller, more personalized and specialized business, with exclusive clientele. Boutique Brokerages usually do not charge fees the way larger brokerages would, instead, they take a percentage of profits generated by each transaction. This allows the Boutique Brokerage to focus on a smaller number of clients, since they do not need to rely on the volume of transactions. With lower overhead costs, including smaller space requirements, fewer salaries, and no massive advertising, it helps a Boutique broker and their agents focus on their exclusive clientele.

What do we have to offer as a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage?

  1. Online marketing! Our client’s properties are well represented on all major home buying and selling sites including our own! Such as, Trulia,, Zillow and many more.
  2. Newest technology! We strive to use the most current and up-to-date technological advances for our real estate transactions including online forms and authenticated online signatures through REIN-MLS.
  3. Quality service! We don’t focus on the quantity of sales here, we focus on quality instead. Our goal is to leave each client SMILING at the end of their real estate transaction. Whether they are selling or buying, we strive to give every client the attention and information they deserve.
  4. Top-tier Realtors! Our Broker and Office Manager work diligently to cultivate a welcoming, inspiring and professional environment. Each of our agents have been hand picked to represent our brand with their unique work culture. Some of our Realtors might specialize working with veterans, military families, multi-property owners, new home owners and more.
  5. Customized marketing! Franchise brokerages tend to have more company regulations that restrict the ability of the broker to be innovative.  We have instant communication with our broker, Amanda Walsh, giving our company the opportunity to quickly create cutting edge marketing for our clients’ homes.  Majority of our marketing is made in house, so our agents won’t need to wait weeks for their clients’ home to represented in the market place.
  6. Community based! We take pride in our community because when our community is doing well so are our clients. You may find our broker and Realtors sitting in on local REALTOR boards, National Association of REALTORS, and other boards that work to protect and promote citizens private property rights. You’ll also find our Realtors participating in local events and volunteering at various organizations throughout Hampton Roads.



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