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    Warm Up Your Bathroom For Winter


    While you may enjoy stepping out into a cold bathroom in the middle of summer, that usually isn’t as enjoyable when winter strikes. Even with your heat running, sometimes bathrooms can get a little frosty – especially after a hot shower. All of the surfaces in your bathroom, like the tile floors and porcelain toilet, are not ideal for holding in heat. Here are 3 ways you can bring the heat to your bathroom this winter so you won’t have to dread shower time anymore.

    Invest In A Towel Warmer

    What better way to beat the chill than a warm towel to wrap up in when you are ready to get out of the shower? Heated towel racks can be installed right outside of your shower door. The rungs of the rack typically act as warming rods and can hold several towels at once, so everyone can enjoy a warm towel this winter!

    Heated Toilets Seats Are In

    While America is a little behind on technologically advanced toilet systems in comparison to other countries, heated toilet seats have started to make their way into the mainstream bathroom decor here in the US. These toilets usually come with bidet-like system, so toilet paper is no longer needed. With a quick wash and a gentle dry with warm air – all while you are on a heated seat – going to the bathroom in winter doesn’t have to be dreadfully cold!

    Never Get Cold Feet With Heated Floors

    Most people would agree that stepping out of the shower onto an ice-cold tile floor can send a chill up your body no matter how warm you are. Instead of hopping across the bathroom as quickly as possible to find slippers, consider investing in radiant floor heating if your bathroom is due for an upgrade. While it is definitely not an easy project, it will add value to your home and be priceless on those days where you don’t want to freeze your toes on cold tile.

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